• Management reserves the right of admission.
  • Entry allowed to persons 25 years of age and above only
  • Dress code: Men require button-down collared shirts and lounge shoes - No sportswear, sneakers, T-shirts, golf shirts etc
  • Any kind of flammable items, arms, ammunitions, knives, sharp edged objects, etc are strictly prohibited.
  • Re-entry strictly not allowed.
  • Management will not be held responsible for any loss of belongings/valuables.
  • Any damage to the property of the event/venue will be recovered from the concerned person.
  • Music requests are strictly prohibited and will not be entertained.
  • Any person causing or intending to cause disturbance/disruption in the event on the account of rude/violent behaviour, use of derogatory language, verbal or physical intimidation, obscene or lewd acts & gestures, racial abuse, non-payment of bills, provoking/indulging in fight will be evicted from the premises and handed over to the authorities and be banned from Room 26
  • Organizers reserve the right to frisk at entry.
  • The event is subject to force majeure conditions
  • Management reserves the right to refuse alcohol to guests at any point of time at its discretion.
  • Alcohol will be served to persons above 25 years of age, subject to a valid age ID proof.
  • Consumption/possession of drugs, narcotic substances & other illegal substances is strictly prohibited. Management reserves the right to evict any person found doing so
  • Room 26 membership is non-transferable. The membership card is valid only if used by the member himself/herself.
  • In the event of loss of the membership card, the member must immediately reach out to the management.
  • The program is governed by the terms and conditions mentioned herein and/or communicated to the members from time to time and is subject to the laws of the Republic of India.

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